Riverside - 2D Art - Drawing and Painting
(2D Art)

Two Dimensional Art - Drawing and Painting

This course involves instruction in Drawing and Painting.Students will be taught to scale, as well as free-hand drawing. Media to be used are pencils, colored pencil, chalk pastels, oil pastels, marker and charcoal. This class also involves learning about styles of painting and colour theory. Students will work with the following media: acrylics, watercolors and tempera. Students will also develop an appreciation of the visual arts by observing and studying the artwork of well-known artists though history. This course will require some written work and reading. This class requires the student to be able to work independently with individual instruction. Grading is based on work habits,attitude, execution as well as the proper use of supplies and equipment.

Semester or Full year

Prerequisite: Foundations of Art

Elective: .5 or1 credit