U.S. History 8: Beginnings to 1877

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This course will stretch from the earliest settlers in North America through the Civil War and the early 1900s. Students will take a whirlwind journey, from the earliest European influences in North America to the clash of beliefs that tore our nation apart.


Throughout this class, students will consider the following:

Why did European explorers cross the ocean to conquer native North Americans, instead of the other way around?

What made millions of British colonists angry enough with their mother country to declare independence?

What were the challenges that faced Americans as they built a new nation?

How did the U.S. establish itself as a world power, eventually occupying the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific?

How was race-based slavery in the U.S. different than in any other country in the history of the world?

What led half the nation to declare its own independence, and eventually declare war on the other half?

How did decisions made hundreds of years ago affect the world we live in today?

    This course requires an enrolment key