Riverside - Advanced Civics
(Advanced Civics)

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http://moodle.bviu.org/file.php/94/constitution_flag.jpgThis year Advanced Civics will be piloting a brand new Social Studies Curriculum!  Our text for this curriculum is written at a 9th/10th grade reading level and so there will be a great responsibility placed on the individual student for research and preparation.   Additionally, this class will take on a number of projects and writing assignments above the scope of the general curriculum.  My hope is that class time during Advanced Civics will be characterized by energetic discussions among your classmates about your political views and potential solutions to community problems and this will require a significant amount of preparation on your own behalf.  This debate is a critical component of your long-term participation in the world around you.  My goal for this class in particular is to help develop citizens who exercise their democratic responsibilities outside the boundaries of our classroom. 

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